We are the three people that make up Wood’s electric aviary, Andrew Tibbles, Douglas Wood and Lauren McClean. Together we designed the Bluebird’s Duet. It is an aimless piece of pondering, for a gentle day dreamer that still picks the flowers and thinks, ‘They love me, they love me not.’ As they flitter away the petals and time of day. The bird-box itself is made from layered wood with a darker wooden handle to hang of your favourite oak. When the bluebird flies in a distance sensor on the inside sends a signal to the servo which wishes the bird a very warm welcome by plucking its strings to a song. Three timings are predetermined but you can change the notes as you wish. We’ve added in some wallpaper on the inside so although it might have noisy neighbours at least the decor is nice. It’s all concealed behind a cover piece with a sensitive geometric pattern cut into it. We hope the Bluebirds duet will conjure up thoughts like ‘if the bird will learn a new song or try to sing in time and key with its new found home.’ 

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Wood will be so proud.

Captains log. 08-05-2010. I have taken the Duet on a far out trip. It got rattled on the way and some wires came loose and some broke. I soldered. I put the wires back in the right place by navigating on the stars. It’s now smooth sailing. Be proud of me wood this hard skinned lad always used to manual labour did the circuit board.

The Bluebirds Duet in the Studio

The bluebirds duet in nature.

Testing the Bluebird’s Duet.

Some more visuals of the Bluebirds Duet. It works, and produces a calming, wafting sound. Letting you relax in the garden, letting your cares drift away…

Wood will be so proud.